Property Insurance in Oregon

If you thought your home was the only property you should buy property insurance in Oregon for, then you thought wrong. You probably have a few other properties tucked away somewhere that you didn’t realize need coverage as well. It’s best to discuss all of your assets with your insurance provider to find out just what your basic homeowners insurance will cover and what you should avail separate coverage for.

Optional Coverage to Consider for Property Insurance in Oregon


  • Secondary Residence Premises – Let’s say, aside from your primary home, you have a rest house tucked away somewhere in the countryside. While you might think you have to avail of a completely separate policy for that property, you can actually avail of secondary residence premises endorsement that will include your summer home in your primary property insurance in Oregon. To get a better understanding of just how extensive that coverage might be, make sure you discuss your concerns with your insurance provider.
  • Watercraft Endorsement – If you own a sailboat, and outdoor motor boat, or any other water transportation vehicle for that matter, you can include this in your policy. Property owners in particular choose to extend the coverage for personal liability and medical payments coverage when it comes to this type of supplemental coverage as the likelihood of injury on these properties is very high.
  • Theft Coverage Protection Endorsement – This type of endorsement will make it possible to broaden the coverage offered for the contents of your trailer, motorized vehicle, or water vehicles even without proof of forced entry. If you have any of these properties and keep any sort of installments, attachments, or possessions on or in them that you consider valuable, you should definitely avail of this coverage.
  • Credit Card Forgery and Depositors Forgery Coverage Endorsement – This particular endorsement will cover you for the theft, loss, or unauthorized use of any credit cards that are located in your home. This will also protect you against forgery of any documents that could take away from your funds and finances. Insurance providers will not charge you a deductible for this type of claim due to the fact that you may have already incurred losses in the first place. Discuss your concerns with your insurance provider and give a detailed account of the cards and other financial documents you keep in your property to find out if you need this type of endorsement or not.